3 February 2016


How Magento Can Benefit Your Business

What is Magento and why choose it?

Magento is an eCommerce platform built on open source technology which provides merchants like yourself with a flexible shopping cart system. This magnificent system also has control over the look, content and functionality of your online store. It is a leading enterprise-class eCommerce platform and to date empowers over 250,000 online retailers. It is chosen by 1 of every 4 online businesses.

So why choose Magento, over Shopify, WordPress or even Bigcommerce? Here is why. It offers a range of advanced, user-friendly features making it intuitive and familiar to you and your customers. If you are an online business it is important to select only the best platform that will match most of your business needs such as the flexibility to create rich consumer experiences, through segmentation and personalisation based on your consumer demographics. This is only one of the reasons why. Read on to find out more.

Magento has 2 Editions. The Community Edition and The Enterprise Edition.

Community Edition: The free version of Magento ideal for small businesses and is used by many. This edition has lots of great features.

Enterprise Edition: The premium version aimed for fast-growing and larger businesses. This edition goes the extra mile providing you rich, out-of-the-box functionality and advanced features.    

How will Magento benefit your eCommerce platform?

There is much more to Magento. The benefits of using this platform is endless.

1)    Features: The top thing about Magento, is that it provides a comprehensive range of features in a well-organised manner.

2)    Flexibility: Depending on the size of your business, requirements and budget, the flexibility of Magento provides everyone with a suitable solution.

3)    SEO Edge: Gives you full control over URL’s and URL rewrites as well as giving you the ability to manage the metadata for your products and categories separately, which can help you improve your search engine rank.   

4)    Multiple Store Management: Manage a number of stores or websites with a single installation, when selling products on different domains sharing the same admin panel - for easy tracking of sales and customers.  

5)    Product Browsing: Searching for a product on Magento is a simple and smooth process. You can view multiple images per product, image zooming capability and also helps you up-sell and cross-sell.

6)    Mobile friendly: In this technology era of smartphones, Magento Mobile provides a responsive design and experience for consumers that are on constantly using their smartphones and mobile devices to make purchases. Making it easily accessible on most handheld devices.

7)    Catalog Management: Easily group products together whilst setting different price points. Ease of use as it has an automatic feature to resize your images and allows ease for customers when sorting through products.

8)    Internationalization: With Magento it makes it much easier because it handles any currency with automatic daily exchange rate updates and multiple language support (both front and back-end).

How does it compare to Shopify?

Magento offers users a choice of hundreds of templates and extensions, whilst Shopify offers about 200 templates in comparison. Shopify is great for users who are looking for a small-scale e-commerce site for a short timeframe, whereas Magento is great for those looking for a robust and powerful e-commerce solution.

How does it beat BigCommerce?

Whilst BigCommerce may be easy to set up, its plug-ins are difficult to work with and it has restricted third party support. Whereas Magento has a reasonable easy to use framework and great third party support.

How does it compare to WordPress?

If your primary objective is to sell products via your eCommerce shop, Magento is ideal, because it’s functionality is aimed at building a site for selling numerous products online. However, WordPress, is perfect for those whose focus is primarily on managing the content and selling fewer products online.

If you run an online business but haven’t yet created your online presence, with Magento you will be able to create your own strong online identity which will help grow your business. 

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