21 September 2016


How to create an engaging E-commerce website with Magento 2

Magento 2 is a new ecommerce platform that allows the creation of engaging ecommerce websites due to a wonderful set of options and extensions. The platform is now better than ever and comes packed with a host of new features. The new features truly increase the power of this platform in terms of creating new and more engaging ecommerce applications. Here, we aim to present some of the engaging aspects of the platform that allow developers to create amazing websites.

Using Better Support

Magento 2 like its predecessor offers great support to developers and businesses employing it to creating engaging ecommerce applications. You can look at the software support pages to find a lot of new information and also learn about new plug-ins and tools that are consistently improving the situation.

There is also better support from various development companies if you need to include third party software as well for an application. This support means that it makes it easier for developers to use this excellent program for making engaging ecommerce applications. It is also based on newer PHP language that is more stable and contains speedy solutions for creating excellent websites.

Migrating to Magento 2

It is also possible to easily switch to Magento 2 from other development problems. You will however need support from a reputable company like FDC Studio, which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the powerful ecommerce development software.

Magento 2 cannot be directly installed on an already running application, but experienced professionals can swiftly turn your existing applications to this new and more efficient system. It can easily be used for online stores as well as apps that represent businesses and allow mobile users to buy from them. These migrations are smooth when performed with the help of experienced professionals.

Optimised Performance

This increase in performance is such an important factor that it comes up all the time when talking about Magento 2 and its benefits. This powerful platform allows the optimisation of online stores in a number of ways. Optimisation can be performed by using Meta data of the web pages as well as by ensuring that the robots.txt file of the website contains all the important information that allows it to rank better in search engine algorithms.

The optimisation also allows good web developers to ensure that they create robust and engaging ecommerce applications that make use of all the custom elements. The page URLs are also given much importance when designing the complete stores. The engagement factor is also improved using a variety of tools that employ SEO practices and ensure that the website remains well attached to engaging and refreshing websites.

Implementing better Shopping Experience

All the Magento 2 tools are set to offer the customers a better shopping experience. There are better ways of implementing product images and making them relevant on different pages. Online stores can now present the information about their products in innovative and dynamic manner that allows them to connect their products and offer integrated practices.

Expert ecommerce developers such as FDC Studio allow stores to quickly switch to Magento 2 or ensure that they can get a custom solution based on this wonderful platform.

How to create an engaging E-commerce website with Magento 2


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