8 September 2016


Generating business through your website

All websites are not created equal, and this holds true for both commercial as well as non commercial sites. Some sites help generate business while others are not even capable of attracting traffic, let alone actual ‘conversions.'

For a website to generate business it is imperative to not only create great content but to ensure that the content is disseminated in such a way that it would not only generate leads but outright sales as well (in the case of online stores) or retain brand equity (in the case of marketing websites). Here are some tips to help you generate the kind of traffic that you want:

Social media

When it comes to digital marketing, social media undoubtedly rules the roost. This is because most people who have access to the internet and also use it, almost invariably have a social media account as well. This is why incorporating social media in your digital marketing campaign can help improve your exposure in many creative ways.


Now, it is possible for you to set up a page linking to your site on Facebook. Moreover, you may also create a profile of your target audience on your own page and ‘boost’ it to acquire hits at surprisingly low rates. Provided that your pages are interesting and entertaining, they will attract many followers who would then have your promotions and offerings regularly posted on their own newsfeeds , and if they are sufficiently impressed, they might even share it on their own profiles, effectively starting a ‘viral’ chain reaction that would lead to more and more people visiting and joining your page. Add to that the fact that when a Facebook user eulogizes your product online, his credibility would be greater than the product manufacturer or any advertising agency paid to ‘push’ the product.


This micro blogging site is now becoming increasingly popular as more and more people understand its true potential. Simply following the industry leaders of your field would help you interact with the followers of the same generic products. Then it’s a simple matter of hyperlinking your tweets so that they may jump to your twitter account. Since these people are essentially interested in the product and follow you because of that same interest, the probability of conversions tends to be pretty high.


Headlines are quite simply “the” single most important reason why most people would want to click on your site. The art of making that perfect headline can never ever be overestimated. This is because headlines are the ultimate bait that brings prospective buyers rushing to your site. Even if the product or service you are offering is greatly in demand, if the headline fails to capture their imagination people would simply not bother to click on your site. However, mastering the art of writing catchy headlines is not as easy as it seems and sometimes literally hundreds of headlines will be created and discarded before you hit on ‘just’ that right one, but once you learn that art, it will definitely be worth the effort.

Add pictures and videos

Adding both pictures of products as well as short promotional videos gives your potential customers a chance to get to know what they really want. While it is certainly true that rich media content takes more time to download, but the efforts are well worth the risk.

Generating business through your website


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