12 August 2016


The Four Best Magento 2 Themes for Fashion Stores

Magento is a wonderful e-commerce platform based on the PHP programming language. Its latest version Magento 2 allows the use of more powerful tools such as the latest Apache server engines the Zend library frameworks. Magento 2 is ideally suited for creating online fashion stores. Here we discuss four of the best themes that can ideally be employed for creating fashion stores:

1. Molly

Molly is an excellent Magento 2 theme ideal for developing fashion stores. It has over sixteen different styles for creating home pages. It also allows for various types of headers and footers to be inserted on a page. It also offers an excellent front end builder that makes it easy for the clients who buy Molly. Molly comes with a powerful admin panel that allows clients to control all the aspects of their fashion store. It is presently available on themeforest and contains many extensions. It also has ideal development tools for implementing a mobile based store with optimised options.

2. Aliana

Another excellent Magento 2 theme is Aliana. It is specially developed for people who want to create fashion stores. It is powered by Bootstrap 3.x and contains many extensions. It has an integrated and powerful admin panel that allows clients to easily make changes to their websites without the help of web developers.

Aliana contains important extensions such as Slider Revolution, Promo Banner and Advance reports. The theme is developed by a Magento certified developer and is therefore free from errors. The use of this excellent theme does not require any experience of coding or programming languages.

3. Luxury

Another powerful Magento 2 theme is Luxury. It has over nine layouts that allow users to design their stores, according to their personal preferences. This theme also contains excellent tools for optimising it for use on mobile devices. There are multiple ways to manage page headers and footers as well. It easily installs and there are no particular pre-requisites. Luxury contains many extensions that give more power to users.

Luxury comes with professional support. There is also an installation guide with it. You can easily install it and enjoy its multiple benefits. It can be used to create the best e-commerce applications. It allows the use of various options such as running a blog and a store locator on the website.

4. Kosmic

If you are looking for a powerful tool to create e-commerce applications, then Kosmic is the ideal Magento 2 theme for you. It is very clean and contains multipurpose tools. There are many prepared layouts and many colour settings from which you can select a customised version for your own website. It has excellent extensions that allow the use of blogs, products section and prepare quick support for visitors who want information on the web application.

Kosmic also allows users to first judge its performance by using a demo before buying the product. The features give it flexibility and truly make it ideal for creating fashion stores. There are some of the Magento 2 themes ideal for creating fashion stores. Feel free to use any of them to create a wonderful fashion store that runs perfectly on mobile devices.


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The Four Best Magento 2 Themes for  Fashion Stores


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