27 September 2016


The flexibility of Magento 2 for Creating Mobile Apps

Mobile apps refer to special applications that are prepared to properly run on mobile software systems. These apps are usually prepared using a set of software solutions. There are many stores and businesses that believe that it is better to use a mobile application for their business rather than create a website especially for mobile phone users.

Magento 2 in this case, has the necessary flexibility to be used in creating mobile apps that have the same level of service and in fact better in many cases than a dedicated website. Mobile apps share many advantages and Magento 2 allows these advantages to businesses that appear to favour these apps prepared from their favourite ecommerce platform.

Perks of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can have many built-in advantages that are easily incorporated using the Magento 2 platform. First of all, an app requires a physical structure and this excellent platform has a number of extensions and templates that can provide a custom structure designed for a particular app.

The mobile app can easily be integrated to use the functions that are commonly available in smart phones. These functions include the use of GPS and positional sensors. There can be activities and images that can be ideally designed to respond according to the information collected from these inputs. An app therefore connects better with customers on a personal level and produces longer lasting results.

Mobile apps in fact work as a powerful sales channel. They allow companies to design a complete support system and ensure that clients are able to also use another important manner of implementing a buying interface with the store. Magento 2 has the available flexibility to ensure that a particular mobile app has all the perks that are available with an online store.

Better Scalability

Not all businesses start with a lot of initial customers. Most stores are therefore trying to get a system that they can scale up as their business increases with the passage of time. Magento 2 has extension tools that allow stores to use modular programming and CRM setup. This simply allows the system to quickly improve and expand whenever a need arises in the future.

Magento 2 creates mobile apps that are flexible and able to handle the future load of the customers. Most apps in fact do not require any change with the increase in scale and simply keep running in the same manner as long as there is hardware support available to them on the server side of the application.


Magento 2 can create excellent mobile apps that are able to effectively use the system of notifications. These notifications are the means of directly communicating with your customers and allowing them to properly see the available items and services in the store at the earliest.

This advantage of speed is highly important in a dynamic industry. The use of Magento 2 mobile app gives this perfect advantage to online companies. They are also a unique way of providing service to customers who think that companies that use apps are somehow more complex and therefore offer better products.

The flexibility of Magento 2 for Creating Mobile Apps


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