19 September 2016


Employing Magento 2 for empowering Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is quickly getting popular in the online world. It refers to promoting the products and services of a business and making a monetary or social advantage when another person buys the products and services. It is truly a quick way of employing your own loyal customers to ensure that you expand to prospective clients that cannot be reached directly.

Magento 2 is a dynamic ecommerce platform which has all the right tools to empower and encourage the use of affiliate marketing for stores that construct their websites using this platform.

The Availability of Extensions

Magento 2 is full of powerful extensions and services that allow businesses to employ the use of superior affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing available on this platform is superior because it can be empowered with multiple tools and amazing third party services. Here are a few of these top affiliate marketing extensions.

Sweet Tooth Loyalty Program

This is one of the top Magento 2 affiliate marketing extensions. It is available as a monthly subscription and allows the use of multiple marketing techniques. The extension comes with an amazing technical support and you can use it for creating various affiliate marketing programs.

Sweet Tooth allows you to design a system and then automatically implement it on your website. The system is easily able to keep track of affiliate deals and ensure that the right customers are paid the deserving commissions. It is excellent for a company that aims to use this marketing method among their primary modes of attracting the prospective customers.

Auguria Sponsorship

This is a complete module that allows a business to truly empower affiliate marketing and use all its elements for promoting products. The module allows a website to create customer IDs and these customers can then perform different marketing tasks such as sending an email to their friends. This system ensures that affiliate marketing is properly tracked when people come to the company under the influence of an affiliate marketer.

Auguria also allows the use of proper rules that can be used to keep track of points and use different pricing and commission rates. This module can also be configured and custom policies can be set up for use with different products and groups of inventory items. This is one tool that truly ensures that sites that use Magento 2 can employ complete principles of affiliate marketing.


This is a wonder Magento 2 extension that is used all over the world for the purpose of affiliate marketing. It has fixed methods available for making loyal customers and allowing them to promote the business products. You can set different types of commissions using this excellent tool. It also has amazing options that offer multiple methods of enjoying the benefits of the affiliate marketing tasks.

Intrinsic Options

These are some of the top tools that have truly made Magento 2 the leader in designing affiliate marketing. This ecommerce platform is great in a sense that it can easily be used to create your own marketing tools and you can also wait for new tools as well as they are coming all the time.

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Employing Magento 2 for empowering Affiliate Marketing


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