25 January 2016


Effectively Market and Grow Your Business in 2016

New Year, New You! Are you new to the market? Have you recently set up your eCommerce website and eager to show the world this brand new, exciting site, packed with lots of things, but what do you do now? Getting a new website up and running is not nearly always smooth. In this increasing world of digital marketing, it is vital to be out with the old and in with the new. Leave behind your traditional marketing strategies, they are becoming less and less effective in this modern world of technology. We are not saying to completely replace the likes of TV advertising, or print advertising, but here at FDC we have the technical know-how and expertise to increase your growth through the latest and growing trends of Digital Marketing and eCommerce.        

Think about it like this. Consumers are spending twice as much time online compared to 10 years ago fuelled by the increasing use of tablets and smartphones. In total the average adult spends 20 hours online a week*, whether it be at home or at work.

With the increase of online and smartphone technology, here’s how you can take your company a step further and make it happen.

Get Social and get active

Introduced a new product to the company and excited to shout about it? Well with the growing trends of Social Media Marketing, now is your chance to create your fan base. Social Media Marketing has been an increasing growing trend over the last several years. With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users reaching over 2 billion users combined what better way to increase your growth in the market through direct consumer contact. Promoting your business could not be any easier giving you the opportunity to further your conversation with your audience through virtual contact. Post about your latest inventions, images of your best selling items or even post pictures of the office antics and scrumptious food you dare share with your customers. Most importantly stay active!   

Email Marketing

Leave behind these flyers and newspaper inserts and move forward. Email marketing is significantly cheaper and faster than your traditional mail. Email marketing is becoming significantly popular with businesses to send a commercial messages to a wider audience. If done properly, you can even track your ROI ensuring strong brand awareness and ability to build customer loyalty. Direct email marketing produces a higher response rate and higher average order value for e-commerce business compared to transactional emails. Why wait, setup your email marketing with FDC Leicester now.   

Fun, exciting content

Maintaining your website can be hard work and time consuming. Mix it up a little and give people a reason to visit your brand new website and find out about who you are and what you do. Good content could be anything from flashy images to conveying strong written content about your product and services. Most importantly at this stage it is about drawing in new customers. You might be wondering how can this be done. It’s simple. Start off with competitions, promotional sales and incentives such as free delivery. Best thing about this, is link it with social media marketing and boom you will increase your traffic just like that and our smart thinking team at FDC will be at your fingertips to ensure we get you onto the right tracks.

Just because you are a new business startup, with a new website, or a current business looking to revamp your website, doesn’t mean you are far from your competition. With our specialist web development team here at FDC Leicester we will ensure we work together to give you the best possible service for your eCommerce web development. We can even help you kick start your eCommerce website design using the leading digital commerce platform, Magento. Give us a call on 01164 244 244 or visit our website.
*Source: Telegraph


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