26 January 2016


The Complete Package: Get the E-Commerce Website Your Business Deserves

For any E-Commerce website to be successful, having one or two great aspects just will not do. Instead, you need a well-rounded website that attracts customers from various backgrounds and angles. Below are all the things you need to make your website the complete package.

Website Design

The design of the website needs to be modern, attractive and sleek, in line with your company logos and aims. The key is to make your website appeal to the majority of people that are going to be visiting it so knowing who your target audience is, is key in determining how your website will look. This is a personal thing to your industry, and no two E-commerce websites will look the same, but they may both be great. Remember to focus on the main points of all landing pages, such as the top, and bottom (as these are the places the user will look first), and strategically place important information such as contact details in these types of locations.

Website Navigation

Website design focusses more on the aesthetic aspect of your website. Website navigation is more technical. For instance, making sure all sections are labelled with relevance and accuracy in relation to the content on the page makes the experience a lot more user friendly. Ensure that all pages are somehow linked to the homepage so the Search Engine can crawl the website easily. Making sure that your website is both user and Search Engine friendly means it is easier for you to obtain higher rankings via SEO (see later).

Website Quality

Content is key and this hasn’t changed much over the years even though technology has. What your readers read makes a huge impression on what they think of your company as a whole, and since your E-commerce website is the first impression they get of the business, make sure it is not a negative one, or they won’t return. Informative, fresh information is always the best way to engage readers as the Search Engine will also measure how long the user stays on your website to determine how good it is. Ensuring that all the pictures on your website are of high quality is also vital, so people know exactly what they are buying and remember, as long as the pictures are of great quality, the more pictures, the better as the customer will trust your company more. Try not to put keywords in pictures, as Search Engines cannot read pictures like they can read text and this may impact how it ranks your website in terms of relevance.


Although not directly related to the website, having some sort of SEO is important to get your website highly ranked. This will get your business noticed and really help get that business in. Being in the top 3 search results has time and time again proven to be the most successful. Ensuring your content is rich in the keywords you want to be found by will help Search Engines rank your website highly on relevance.


Again not a direct link to the website as a whole, Marketing really gets your brand name out there and attracts people to the website. Social media is a great way of grabbing the attention of hundreds of thousands of people and it is a tool that should not be undermined. It is free and powerful so use it to get the message out there. Moving on with the times is also key – try and focus on uploading more video content through channels such as Youtube and, of course, Facebook and Twitter are a must to keep the direct interaction going with the customers. A lot of the big bosses of the E-commerce world, such as Nike use social media and it has proven to be an effective method.

Your business, and E-Commerce website is one that you have no doubt put loads of time effort into and you wouldn’t have started the business unless you were passionate about it, so make sure you do your level best to make it great in all aspects so it does you justice.

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