3 February 2016


Compete With the Big Boys with Magento

Have you noticed how the most popular e-Commerce sites have amazing features that set them apart from others?

Let’s take E-bay, for example. E-bay is a site that millions of people use every day to buy or sell their products and, with there being a wide variety of options to sell and buy used items, new items, junk items or items that you simply do not need, there is always something someone may want to use it for.

Now let’s talk about Gumtree. Gumtree relies on similar principles and, although popular, it is generally E-bay that is favoured over it.

So what makes E-bay better?

Well, aside from features that Gumtree does not have, such as “place a bid”, on a purely digital level, e-Bay has a lot more options that make it easier for people to pay. After all, the key to a successful e-Commerce store is to make people pay for your products – if you make this easier for people; they are more likely to make the purchase then and there and make you money.

E-bay is also better at gaining people’s trust. There are millions of sellers on E-Bay, and not all of them are reliable. With the option to pay by PayPal, people can rest assured that their money is in safe hands. Moreover, E-Bay have policies and procedures in place that encourage payment with Paypal so if you take the necessary precautions and pay with PayPal instead of card, E-bay will reward with the knowledge that if things don’t go to plan, they will help you get your money back. This again encourages people to buy – the more confident a buyer, the more likely it is that they will buy something.

One of the most important things that e-Bay do is keep the contact flowing with the customers via order, dispatch and delivery confirmations ensuring that the customer is regularly kept up to date on what’s happening with their order.

If you’re looking to start or revamp your e-Commerce Website, we can help you compete with the major competitors of your industry by giving your online stores the features outlined above and more. This is because we use Magento to build your online store, and you can use Magento to manage it. In fact, Magento is owned by e-Bay itself.

With Magento, your e-Commerce store can have the following features:

-    One page checkout – no annoying next button so your customers can buy at the click of a button.
-    Saved card details – makes things easier and quicker for the customer
-    Shipping integration with label printing – makes things easier for you.  
-    Integration with Google Checkout, Amazon, e-Bay – if you are a start-up business and want to get recognized from various platforms, this is ideal.
-    Guest checkout options – make sure you do not miss a single opportunity, even if a customer does not want to register/sign up. Chances are, if they like a website enough, they will keep coming back and eventually create one anyway.

But the above just outlines the checkout features. With many more features to help keep you organized when you manage your store, Magento is by far the best platform for your needs when it comes to opening your online store. With Magento, you can keep a track of everything that’s been updated, deleted, and things that are still on your to do list when it comes to managing orders. In fact, after a certain amount of time, your orders will even get archived so they are out of the way but easy for you to access should you wish to do so.

Above all, though, Magento is Search Engine friendly, meaning it will make it easier for search Engines such as Google to find and crawl your websites more easily. Couple this with the fact that we can market your products for you and also have SEO services available, and it will actually be difficult for you not to be successful!

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