20 September 2016


Best 5 Features of Magento 2 as a CMS

CMS (Content Management System) is quite important in managing the information that goes online. Magento 2 is a PHP based ecommerce platform that allows online stores to have excellent databases that can actively manage information and also govern policies regarding the content available on the internet.

There are many features available in Magento 2 that allow it to be used for content management. Here, we describe some of the best ones.

1. Custom Support

The new ecommerce platform has excellent support for various APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These APIs can then be used for implementing strong functions and use superior content management. These custom support options allow developers to ensure that CMS can be implemented in all kinds of online stores prepared with Magento 2.

The support functions are also easier to use in this new platform. They are backed up by strong support from the platform developer and the integration of multiple modules truly powers up this excellent facility.

2. Preview Options

Websites created with Magento 2 can easily be reviewed using its ne preview systems. You can implement various functions and then observe its visual effects using the platform for support. This truly empowers content management as website owners can view the effects of various options firsthand and therefore do not have to wait for the website to go in its live phase in terms of clearing up the ownership and editing of content.

3. Customer Engagement

Magento 2 contains excellent customer engagement options. This allows developers to create better content management modules and ensure that website visitors remain engaged for longer periods. These stays along with better use of CMS services result in more sales that mature on the website.

Customer engagement is also created with better management of the content present on the website. The better arrangement of the available rich content and its proper tagging using the admin panel of the ecommerce platform ensures that the website ranks better in search engines and naturally becomes better as a working CMS.

4. Faster Coding

Magento 2 offers developers the advantage of faster coding, which processes faster and allows them to use more elaborate content management system functions. It is also designed in a modular manner, which allows online stores to work as rich websites that have a lot of content that works perfectly well and stays connected on different internal pages.

5. Better Dashboard

Most of the options when creating a Magento 2 based store are used from the dashboard of the application. All the CMS functions are also implemented here. This dashboard is vastly improved in the new version and the different options are excellently placed on different kinds of websites. The use of the better options ensures that developers can create better content management functions.

There are many companies out there that are offering Magento 2 based website development. FDC Studio is a great name among them and provides all kinds of Magento 2 based CMS systems.

Best 5 Features of Magento 2 as a CMS


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