24 August 2016


Affiliate Marketing Made Easier with Magento 2

Magento 2 is the new e-commerce platform that has come out last year and truly empowering people who are looking to create beautiful yet functional web applications and stores. There are many Magento 2 extensions that are excellent for use in performing affiliate marketing. You can connect with your customers in ways that could not have been imagined before.

Here, we aim to take a look at the many tools in Magento 2 that are ideal to employ the benefits of affiliate marketing on your online stores.

Magento Affiliate

Magento Affiliate is prepared by aheadWorks and it is an amazing tool that helps you in designing a model of affiliate marketing for your store. This extension allows online stores to run automated advertisement campaigns and allow your affiliate customers to recommend products to their acquaintances.

They are in return paid automatically according to the rules of the promotional campaign that you have put in your place using this extension. This extension allows the use of many affiliate marketing models such as offering fixed commission or sales percentages to your affiliate marketers.

Affiliate by Magestore

It is among the top Magento 2 extensions that are out there to implement an effective affiliate marketing program on your website. It offers more than three ways to attach your clients with your marketing campaigns. You can also create a complete tier based affiliation program where your affiliates can create further affiliate customers, therefore creating hierarchy based affiliate chains that provide powerful and deep marketing.

You can use a number of ways to set up commissions for affiliate marketers using this extension. It allows the social media websites as well as emails to perform affiliate marketing, and therefore has all the tools to quickly implement a strong advertisement campaign for your online store.

Sweet Tooth Loyalty Programs

Sometimes, your customers do not require a commission; they are simply happy if you reward them for being loyal customers in any way possible. Sweet Tooth is a program available with monthly subscriptions and allows the creation of a loyalty program on your website. You can use the basic programs already available with the software or you can also create customised programs that you find are perfect for your loyal customers.

Customers are usually repaid in terms of discounts using these loyalty programs. You can create all sorts of loyalty elements using this application which in turn makes your loyal customers perform affiliate marketing for you.

Auguria Sponsorship

This is another excellent affiliate marketing extension available with Magento 2 based e-commerce applications. It allows the sending of guest emails by your customers to their friends. Once a friend becomes your customers, the efforts of the loyal customer are identified and they can be rewarded according to the rules that you set up using this extension. The system works by maintaining a count of the customers and their referrers.

These are some of the top Magento 2 extensions that have truly turned affiliate marketing into a simple task on web stores. Use them to truly empower your online stores and find loyal customers.

Affiliate Marketing Made Easier with  Magento 2


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