25 August 2016


6 Reasons You Should Move to Magento 2

Here are some of the most essential reasons you should move to Magento 2. Find out how the new eCommerce shopping system can help you in reaching out more audience, attracting your customers in a better way and making them purchase more items on your online store. Here is the answer!

1. Faster than Competitors

One of the strongest reasons you should move to Magento 2 is that it is much faster than the previous versions. It can also help in loading webpage smoothly. The speed of a website is very important as a quick site can keep the user interest alive much efficiently. Using Magento 2, it will also be easier for you to get a better conversion rate. Magento 2 on your website can also heavily impact your SEO, which will directly affect your rank on various search platforms. Without getting the speed of your website affected, cents will be able to visit multiple pages. This way, you can easily enhance scalability to suit large stores.

2. Enhance Performance of Your Website

According to a recent study, Magento 2 is around 20% faster than previous versions. You will also get full page cache for your CMS pages which will help in boosting the overall performance of your business website. Magento 2 also helps in improving catalogue pages of your website.

3. Merge Different Extensions

There are many extensions available that can be used with Magento 2. It also makes data storage more convenient and quick. Braintree and PayPal are two of the most famous and useful extensions for your website. Using Magento 2, you can also significantly improve the security of your website.

4. Responsive Website Design

This is perhaps the most common reason behind the popularity of Magento 2. For any online store, it is very important to have responsive design. You cannot succeed in the niche of e-commerce unless your website has a quality responsive design. Magento 2 has high quality themes, display videos and android-friendly checkout options. Apart from this, you can easily operate your website on touch-screen display. This is one of the best choices to maintain your presence on multiple platforms digitally.

5. Efficient Folder Structure

Using Magento 2, it is also easier to maintain promotion and advertisement on a page. You can easily divide cache among static folders. Apart from this, content development can be managed using CDN. Magento 2 is much more organised than the previous versions. The software also offers better options for customisation of your products.

You can substantially increase your sales revenue by migrating to Magento 2. With highly responsive design, faster speed and efficient folders, it is much easier to prompt your targeted audience to make more purchase.

6. Easier To Use and Operate

Apart from all these factors, one strong reason to switch to Magento 2 is that the first version is much harder to find now. By 2018, magento 1 will be obsolete and it will be very difficult to get any help or guidance from any platform. It is better to adjust to the newer and latest technology with time. Also, the developers are not creating any additional update for the previous version since the launch of Magento 2. To enjoy the latest features with superior speed, it is recommended to transfer to Magento 2.

6 Reasons You Should Move to Magento 2


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