1 February 2016


5 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Ecommerce Website

Is your website looking a bit tired, or worn out? Have you had the same website for a few years? It’s about time to give your website a fresh start...looks matter! Your eCommerce website brings your business, markets your wonderful brand and is a way of informing your customers and clients about your products and services. If you highly depend on your website to bring in your ROI it is important to regularly maintain and update your website. The risk of not doing so is substantial.

1) Security

First and foremost if you don’t have up-to-date security your website could be at risk. By updating your website you are also keeping your security updated with the latest software which decreases the chances of your website being compromised.
It is important to update your eCommerce site as soon as a new plugin or CMS version is available. By not updating you are leaving your website open to hackers!

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2) Content

Has your content become outdated. I recently viewed a website that last updated 4 years ago. 4 years? I wondered if the website was still active, or even if the business was still running. There are so many websites available on the internet to choose from. As a user that is great news, however for a business owner it is important to think about staying up-to-date. The content on your website informs your customers of your current status. It lets them know you are busy, active and most importantly if you are still in business. Users like this and Google love it! As it helps increase the ranking of your website.

3) Keeps your website active

Fresh content keeps your content approachable by the search engines and can influence rankings. The less you update your website the less likely the search engines will see your content which means your website will fall down in the rankings. To keep your name at the top of the game it is important to think about updating your website's SEO, which determines where you rank on search engines.

4) Mobile friendly

If your website still isn’t mobile responsive what are you waiting for? Google announced that ‘As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns.’  Therefore if you don’t have a mobile responsive website you could be excluded from search engines. Google Webmasters can analyse your website and determine how mobile-friendly your eCommerce site is. 

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5) Website Design

If your website design is dating back 10 years, then expect to lose potential customers. Users are more likely to visit a page and make purchases on a website that looks new and fresh compared to one that lacks design. Having an old style website can you make you look as you may no longer be in business.

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