26 August 2016


4 Magento 2 Extensions That Can Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate

Do you want your customers to make more purchases through your online store? Well, every success-oriented businessperson wants this. With so much online competition and a variety of deals, it can be very difficult to attract and hold the attention of a visitor. It can be even harder to persuade them to make the decision to buy. On e-commerce websites, one of most common problems faced by website owners is high cart abandonment rate. The users place order and for some reason end up withdrawing from the transaction.

However, there are some simple extensions that you can use on your Magento 2 website to reduce the abandonment rate. Check here!

1. Quick One Page Checkout

This is a popular extension used to encourage more sales while reducing cart abandonment rate. It helps in eliminating extra steps from your checkout process. It can help your visitors to make quicker decisions and save any extra time. This extension is also mobile responsive and is commonly used on various platforms. It is also available in multiple languages. With one page check out, you will be able to enable all payment options and forms on one page.

2. Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email

This is also one of the most popular apps among Magento 2 users currently. The function of this extension is very useful in retaining and keeping more customers. Using this feature, you can constantly keep a track of the customer who abandoned at the very last stage of buying process. Apart from this, this extension also constantly sends emails to the visitors who abandoned their carts. The app sends reminders and customised messages to the users about their intended purchases. It also helps in sending latest emails to and sales coupons to encourage more buying from the website. This extension is easily available on Magento 2 app store.

3. Personalised Shopping & Coupons

This app also helps in generating more sales revenue. Personalised shopping & coupon extension for your Magento 2 will help in targeting each customer individually. The extension will help in generating separate offers and packages for different customers as per their preferences. Using consumer behaviour tactics, there are certain intelligent ways to know what your visitor might be interested in. This extension also offers distinct coupons and packages for loyal customers. Apart from this, it also helps in targeting newer visitors to enhance the total sales volume. This extension can help in reducing cart abandonment rate substantially.

4. OneStep Checkout v4

Somewhat similar to the first one, this extension is a must for every Magento 2 website owner. It is created to reduce the checkout process from six steps to a single one. The prospect buyers will be required to fill one single form on a webpage and proceed to their order. It helps in saving time of your targeted audience while maintaining their interest. More customers end up completing their checkout and even placing multiple orders due to this app. The extension also enables customers to enter their coupon codes on the website. This app is responsive for all platforms.

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