19 September 2016


4 E-commerce stores that have successfully migrated to Magento 2.0

8 years ago, Varien introduced the world of e-commerce to Magento, an open source e-commerce development platform. This new platform took the e-commerce industry by storm and coalesced all the goods of the industry under one platform. After looking at the overwhelming success of Magento, the developers decided to introduce the future of Magento, and let’s just say they have lived up to our expectations with Magento 2.0. With a complete overhaul and several new and improved features, Magento 2.0 has seen more migration that Europe and Canada combined. What follows is a list of the e-commerce stores who have pioneered this migration.


No one knew what David Jones was risking his credibility with as he agreed to fashion the swim shorts, brought over to him by Sean and Theo from Australia, at Miami Fashion Week. What followed is a well preserved history as it grew into a brand, Venroy, which went onto capture every leisurable ethos.

Venroy has now digitally rebranded together with the introduction of complete leisure wear collections. Its choice of platform? Magento 2.0! The migration from matrix to cyberworld with Magento 2 is sure to add to its brand value.


With its engineering concepts housed by TCL communications, Alcatel brand delivers high end, diversified range of mobile devices across more than 170 countries. With their older ecommerce platform failing to cope up with their growing business needs, they decided to re-launch their e-commerce website on Magento 2.0.

With the refurbished product pages, equipped with the multimedia tools to educate their customers, Alcatel have definitely put themselves ahead of the curve from their other mobile devices competitors.


With its ancestral roots lying in the country famous for its Mediterranean beaches and exotic pubs, Spain, SEAT’s German based store was previously erected on the foundation of hybris. The limitation of hybris over mobile platforms and the high maintenance cost associated with it, urged Ze Germans to migrate to Magento 2.0. The automobile manufacturers finally have a platform that projects their technology leadership illustrations better and offers better accessible from mobiles.

Clutcha Kids

The super duper online kids departmental store, a brand of previously established Popcultcha, shelves everything your fantasies can fill with. From comic books to toys to famous cartoon collectibles and comics, Clutcha Kids, makes use of Magento 2.0 to exhibit the fantasies of children and grownups alike. Rather than opting for its current ecommerce platform, Popcultcha, gave a completely new identity to Clucha Kids by embarking on a journey to migrate.

Magento 2.0 continues to undergo development as more and more extensions are being designed and updated for the platform to increase its productivity and efficiency. If you need a hand, FDC Studios are here to help you make a transition to Magento 2.0 and join this ongoing revolution in e-commerce.

4 E-commerce stores that have successfully migrated to Magento 2.0


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