28 September 2016


4 Best Practices of E-commerce powered by Magento 2

Magento 2 is an excellent platform that allows web developers to create wonderful online stores. The ecommerce applications that can be prepared from Magento 2 are countless and it can also improve existing websites and applications. There are many ways in which Magento 2 can employ ecommerce and bring a business to its customers using the digital medium. Here are a few of the top ecommerce practices that can be powered by Magento 2.

1. Improved SEO Tools

Magento 2 has been able to bring in some power tools for improving the visibility of online stores. These stores need to reach their particular set of customers and beat rival companies that are also using the available tools in the online world. Magento 2 comes with a powerful panel that allows the use of SEO practices.

These SEO practices include the use of keywords and specific links that are able to improve the exposure of a website on a search engine. This excellent ecommerce platform has a powerful system of setting up Meta data on web pages and it also ensures the use of better URL names that are able to attach meaning to the URL. These practices as a total help you in designing ecommerce products that perform better in a competitive environment.

2. Better Analytics

Magento 2 also comes with another advantage for creating better ecommerce applications. It allows the use of improved analytics. It can easily be connected with Google Analytics and employed for maintaining better web pages. This analytical information can then be used to regularly update important pages and ensure that it remains the most relevant ecommerce platform in a world where big data is quickly achieving prominence.

There are also many support extensions available that allow an automatic reading of analytics and ensuring that function take place on the website in accordance with the actions of customers.

3. Better Customer Review

Magento 2 is a powerful ecommerce platform as it allows businesses to fully incorporate a system of customer reviews on their websites. These reviews allow businesses to further improve their services by finding out the current problems in the system.

Good businesses can then improve their ecommerce applications through the use of effective feedback and ensure that they can beat their competition through better working practices. The new platform allows the establishment of many support systems on online stores without having to use any third party extensions, which may incur additional costs when developing ecommerce solutions such as online stores.

4. Better Navigation Elements

Many ecommerce websites have often failed because they had poor navigation which forced their visitors away from the stores and go to other available options. Magento 2 brings intrinsic tools that can be used to create better navigation solutions for websites that are created for both computers, as well as mobile phones.

Magento 2 is truly a wonderful platform, because it allows developers to create amazing mobile websites and applications. Many experts believe that the way forward for ecommerce is through the efficient use of smart phones and this platform certainly has the power to create and support mobile applications for ecommerce businesses.

4 Best Practices of E-commerce powered by Magento 2


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