13 September 2016


The 4 Best Features of Magento 2 That Make It the Best E-Commerce Platform

Written in PHP, Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that was published in March 2008 by a U.S-based private company called Varien Inc. and a few volunteers. The former CEO of Varien named Roy Rubin sold the major share of the company to eBay. Magento 2 was released in November 2015 with better navigation, user interaction, and structure that could help in boosting the conversion rates and profits.

The updated version brings an improvement in the speed as well as the tools it offers.Naturally, the developers have tried their best to resolve all the issues that were being caused in the previous version such as table locking and page cashing. This version also has some additional features. Here we have mentioned some of the new updates and features that have the potential to transform the ecommerce future in 2016.

1. Enhanced Performance

The speed of Magento 2 is 20% faster than that of Magento 1, which means that the sales will be higher and the website will be more SEO friendly. You will be able to load page in 1 to 2 seconds, which used to take 5 to 10 seconds with the previous version. What’s more, there is full-page cashing into the platform, which supports faster load time. You can have as many catalogue pages as you want, as this will not have any impact on the loading speed, which makes Magento 2 better for bigger online stores.

2. Transformed Structure

You can utilise different templates, layouts and files in the view directory present separately for each module. Additionally, people are given the opportunity to make use of all the functions, since all the options are now under the app structure. Therefore, you do not have to modify any main functionality of the site to use them.

3. Improved Admin Interface

Now, managing the online store is less time-consuming and much simpler with the new admin interface. Anyone can get the hang of it just in just a couple of days. Admin can make the changes on the admin panel to access all the business related information. The admin panel for each user is personalised, which boost the efficiency when it comes to customer data, product management, and orders. With Magento 2, you can create products in the admin panel 4 times faster than the previous version by importing the product. There is a drag-and- drop layout editing in Magento 2 admin interface, which makes it easier for any individual, even without any background in coding, to transform the structure of their online store.

4. Lesser Upgrading Cost and Work

Installing and upgrading the Magento 2 software is simpler as compared to teh previous versions. With the new standalone installer, you can get Magento 2 in your computer faster by meeting all the requirements of the installation. What’s more, Magento 2 informs you about the effect of upgraded extension on your site before installing it. You can easily import the important data such as inventory, customer records, customer data, and product catalogue in the Magento 2.

Here at FDC Studio, we can help you design your business website effectively by using Magento 2. We understand that all businesess are unique and different, and require different strategies and design in order to stay competitive. We can help in boosting the conversion rates of your website by creating a user friendly and compelling design, while keeping your goals and visions into consideration.

The 4 Best Features of Magento 2 That  Make It the Best E-Commerce Platform


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