12 April 2016

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The Story Behind Drupal

Drupal is fast becoming one of the best CMS platforms for hosting a website. Developed by Dries Buytaert named one of the top 35 innovators in the world, Dries is an open-source software programmer.

The concept for Drupal was intended for use as a message board originally, however, Drupal fast became open source in 2001 (open source refers to a software system that is available for use with a license whereby the use may use and change aspects of the software legally).

Since then, almost 2.1% of all websites are made using Drupal as the CMS which, when you think about how many websites are out there, is a significant percentage.

The name Drupal has Dutch roots, with the Dutch word “Druppel” meaning drop, which would explain the drop icon that Drupal has. Although it was originally supposed to called “Dorp”, which is the Dutch word for village, the name Drupal came about because of a spelling mistake and has remained ever since!

Drupal had been around for 2 good years before it gained recognition in 2003 for designing a website for Howard Dean who ran for the presidential elections in the USA in 2004.

It seemed that even after the campaign was over, the web design team took to the idea of developing the web platform even further.

By July 2004, other web companies also started to use Drupal until popularity of Drupal continued to increase so that by February 2014, more than 1,015,000 sites used Drupal. This figure has further increased in the last 2 years to a total of 1,179,531.

FDC use Drupal to build their sites. For more information on the features of Drupal, stay tuned to our FDC blogs throughout this month. Alternatively, for more information, you can call FDC and book a free consultation.

The Story Behind Drupal


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