1 April 2011


What's In Store This Year at FDC?

After an extremely successful 12 months for FDC - six of which I have been part of - there's been a lot of change for Leicestershire's multi-faceted design agency.

The company as a whole has a new feeling; a positive forward-thinking one, an ethos that we believe we can keep on delivering exactly what our clients want and more.

To begin with, the team has grown five-fold over the past 12 months. The latest recruit being Conchita Lagas, who has slipped into the team perfectly. It just goes to show where straight talking can get you. When I sat down at my desk on my first day, the first thing I was told was to be straight to the point. It's been drilled into me.

But, where do we go now? What's the next step? 

We've doubled the size of our office in the past few months, it's a great working environment, all the staff are pleased with it and also our clients always seem to be impressed.

I went down to London in February with Dale to visit a travel exhibition at Earls Court. On our way to the event I was given a brief insight into where the company was born and the office block in which FDC was created. I think one day there might be another office in London with an FDC sign above the door.

Clients, well, we have some great clients who are a pleasure to work with. Whether they are small start-up companies or large ones, they have on the whole been a joy to work with and we appreciate their custom. Many of our clients continually work with us on other projects and it's great to see the same faces, working together on a number of projects.

Here's to another successful year at FDC.



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