24 June 2011


What's featuring in Islington Company's new site?

One thing I am beginning to get involved with at FDC is showing potential and existing clients what we can offer. There are lots of design agencies around but the question is, why are we different?

An example of our collective talents has come together recently in a project that allowed us to develop an array of interesting features implemented into a property agency's new website.

The London based Islington Company wanted a new website that provided everything their visitors needed when searching for a new property.

The letting agency have asked FDC to develop some bespoke features to the site that will set it above the rest. The features include:

  • Allows visitors to search for properties
  • Landlords can request for a property valuation
  • Ability to get cleaning quotations
  • Ability to enquire about upcoming events
  • Properties on the database are synchronised with Rightmove and Propertyfinder
  • Company blog
  • News area
  • Social media area

All these features make this website unique. If you want your property listed on the site, it automatically uploads it to Rightmove, the largest property finder in the UK giving your property the largest amount of awareness.

One of the reasons I enjoy working for FDC is that we always like to create something different; our bespoke features are what sets us apart from our competition. If any of this interests you, please feel free to give us a call at our Leicester office on 0844 142 687.


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