20 April 2011


We're Sponsoring Our First Club

This is pretty exciting; over the past few months we've toyed with the idea of sponsoring a team, not only to give the company name even more awareness, but also giving something back. With a strong sporting influence throughout the company it seemed like the right thing to do.

Rushton Cricket Club in Northampton has now been sponsored by FDC for the 2011 season. Cricket is very much a community orientated sport; we all know that very patriotic buzz of sitting in the sun on a Saturday afternoon, a nice pint of beer in hand, watching a good cricket match. I am certainly going to head down soon to check out how good they are!

The club is looking to move forward by giving opportunities to the younger generations in teams of teams and coaching.

Rushton Cricket Club's Chairman, Alan Smith said: "This year Rushton are looking to develop young talent in the Northants area. With FDC's support we'll be able to move forward as a club, new coaching schemes, new teams, new kits and functions. What they provide will help all areas of the club."

With other clubs interested in being sponsored by us it means that I could be heading all over the county to watch the various sports. I am a huge sport enthusiast; my weekend is usually taken up by watching football, playing football, watching the Formula One or going out on a Saturday afternoon to enjoy a cricket match. 

I am not just a sports fan, but I know what sport means to people - I find that people don't always understand that it's more than just smacking a ball as hard as you can or kicking a bag of wind for in some cases obscene amounts of money. It's about what it signifies, the moments that you remember.

I still remember 1999, with my dad, an 11 year old lad watching Manchester United win the treble, or 2006 sat in Edgbaston, watching England beat Australia in possibly one of the best test series ever played. These moments I will always remember. 

However even at low levels they are important; the community spirit that a sport can create is unrivalled.

Sport brings a groups together who all have their own commitments but still, once a week play five-a-side football - that chance every week to have a laugh with your friends, that one day that no longer needs to be organised and you sometimes look forward to all week. 

Watch this space as there will hopefully be more clubs being sponsored by us in the future.


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