6 December 2011


Remember Your Existing Clients

So you’ve secured your client, the product is sold and it’s now in the process of delivery, but what next? I guess if you look at your contacts you have a long list of emails in your database, from suppliers, to past clients and if you’re really lucky you may have a bunch of subscribers to your email newsletter. What you have to do now is utilise all these trusted, brilliant customers and nurse them into buying from you again.

Why do this – it’s simple; selling to existing customers is vital, but it can be trickier than you think. You may think it’s easy to sell to people who have already bought from you; that’s easy right? Well, no it’s not, and that’s a bad attitude to have in business full stop. No-one’s ever going to buy from you if they do not feel appreciated or wanted – so it’s your job to make them feel good.

Existing customers usually trust you, that’s a given. If they’ve bought from you in the past and have had a positive experience then they are already familiar with your reliability you don’t need to be reiterating these points. What’s more important is to engage with your customers on a level that they understand. They chose you originally because they trusted you as a company and thought you offered a good product. They know this and do not need to be pestered about what else you offer. Instead, they need to be made aware of the current deal you have on, or what you are planning for the New Year as a company.

No doubt in your inbox right now there will be a good examples of email marketing as well as poor ones, and it’s easy to separate the two. If you know already that your email marketing is dated then now is the perfect time to consider your strategy for 2012. If you want to talk to someone that won’t offer you the world, but instead will just give you some clear advice on what routes you can take; contact FDC, we’d love to help.

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