20 July 2011


Party Treasures

At FDC we have a lot of interesting clients, and we also take part in many interesting projects. A recent project, British Sugar’s Cereals Event 2011 was an interesting concept because we had never taken on an event before and the sheer scale of the project was truly massive.

Change is always good, and it’s nice when a client comes to us with an interesting proposition; something a little off the wall. We have plenty of clients here at FDC; well over a hundred now, but the majority of these clients are business minded people who want a professional website designing and developing.

In June FDC had a new client walk through the door, Nick our in house designer was in his element as the project was extremely creative and unique. 

It wasn't only Nick who was a giddy as a child on Christmas morning. Everyone at our creative design agency likes to have an opportunity to let their imagination run wild. Party Treasures gave Nick the opportunity to do so, the project called for him to initially design the website and then an original character and logo design. Party Treasures will initially be selling a selection of pre-packed, customisable party bags that parents can choose the contents to provide a bespoke service. 

Our account managers struggle to talk about more creative projects because we do have a lack of experience in this field. It’s definitely something we are looking to work in and we have the design expertise and creativity to make any project a success, but right now the majority of our clients have a more corporate structure to their website. 

In the past we have done some extremely creative work, but the problem is it isn't really shouted about enough as it should be. So here is a little insight into some of the more creative work we have done: firstly, we took a project that involved designing 'For Sale' boards with a Christmas theme for Jamie Lewis, a letting agency based in Leicester. We were asked to provide some unique festive concepts that would boost sales; the finished products were really fun and interesting. Plus the on-going graphic design work that we do for Davidsons, creating and designing anything from housing brochures to hoarding.

We want to be able to work with some really interesting clients in the future, hopefully as we continue to highlight our good work people wanting creative solutions will be ringing up the FDC team.


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