6 January 2012


Outback is Cooking On Gas

Outback are cooking on gas in 2012 as they seek web design revamp.

Outback Barbecue is now one of the leading barbecue brands in the UK and continue to be sold across the whole nation. Their unique take on a summer classic, in particular the Excel, Modern Classic, Spectrum and Sapphire ranges demonstrate Outback’s commitment and ability by providing customers with the highest quality, cutting edge products time and time again.

Established in 1979 in a small warehouse in Kent, England, Outback have been providing customers with their innovative products ever since. Over the past 33 years Outback has been hugely successful in their sector but this hasn’t come without its problems. In 1982 arsonists disastrously destroyed all their stock after they had moved to a new warehouse resulting in huge losses for the company, but after all the hurdles that the outside dining enthusiasts have been faced it’s amazing to see that they are still going strong. 

Now, in 2012 the team at Outback feel their current website is out of date and is in need of a complete overhaul. This is when they stumbled upon FDC with their fresh way of approaching design and development which enticed the Kent based team. Outback have built a reputation for taking your outdoor dining experience seriously and FDC are continually growing their business on the basis that quality design and development puts you ahead of the game. Due to both teams flowing passion for what they specialise in this will be a great working relationship; which will result in a professionally designed website that does exactly what it needs to.

Eva Dekany, from Outback said: “It’s kind of interesting how we found FDC because it was through a search engine. I asked for a quote from different web designers and Conchita gave me a call the same day. FDC’s proposal was the most professional by far; it suggested brilliant value for money when tied in with their talented creative team and added to Conchita’s hands on approach it made a potent mix. 

“So far, we are purely excited about what we are going to see at the end. I for one am looking forward to seeing the outcome and I am enjoying the project progressing.”

To most people, web design and development, digital marketing, search engine marketing and social media are alien theories which can be truly hard to understand. FDC have spent the last three years helping people understand these ideas and in doing so generate income online. Their team of experienced people spend time helping their clients move forward as an individual, business or start-up. Sharing their knowledge and wealth of experience along the way to improve the outlook of companies across the UK and creating a long list of happy, and web savvy clients. 

Outback Barbecues are well aware that part of their future is online and this means that money and time needs to be spent giving the same experience online that people have been receiving for the past three decades in stores across the UK. Both the FDC team and their counterparts at Outback are looking forward to seeing the finished project.


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