4 January 2011


New Year, New Content

Clear away those cobwebs and revitalise your website content for 2011!

It's the New Year, and after the indulgence of the hedonistic holidays everyone is talking about detoxing and starting anew. So why should your business be any exception? Or more specifically: your company's website content.

Like many new things, websites begin all gleaming with originality and then within weeks, if they're not maintained, they begin to lose their shine. It's a major downfall in website performance, but if your website content stagnates, so too will your website traffic.

The start of 2011 is the perfect time to rethink your company website's look and feel, and to consider taking advantage of steps to enhance it with fresh content to increase your web traffic.

Everyone talks about search engines these days, but not without reason. It's a fact that search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential in increasing search engine rankings for any website - therefore presenting your site directly to the relevant reader.

Scaling the search engine ladder can be an arduous task, but reaching the top is your reward for producing fresh, timely content that websites like Google recognise as being valuable.

What we've learnt at FDC is that pertinent content is paramount, and it is integral to your website being a success. Apart from your fundamental website copy, where do you go next to increase content? An organic way to increase the volume of content on your website while in turn talking about your company to many is to blog.

A blog offers you space within your website to vent opinion and offer answers to questions. A blog can enhance traffic to your website as its own entity, but also by working with other parts of your website to link content, which can also help with your search engine rankings. Plus it's a great way to keep your website friendly and topical.

Another way to keep your website content fresh is to have a 'news' or 'recent work' section on your site. An easy and useful way to do this is by uploading case studies. As your company completes its projects each month you can produce a document detailing the project's specifications, successes and achievements. This is a great way to give your clients real life accounts of the work your company does.

Website best practice is always changing, as new ideas and theories come into play. It's up to the web content managers to make the most out of your website content and attract the relevant readers.

FDC understands the incredible importance of web content, and we offer a wealth of advice and services to help optimise your website with winning results, from copywriting to content management, social media to SEO.

So in 2011 keep your website content fresh, as it not only boosts your company in search rankings but it also makes for a more informative and useful website for your readers.

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