16 November 2011


It is a Manor of Appearance for Oxfordshire Business Owners

It’s a manor of appearance for Oxfordshire business owners.

Charney Manor is a conference and retreat centre managed by the Religious Society of Friends otherwise known as Quakers. As well as conferences and training events for religious and other groups, including: yoga, Shakespeare courses, Buddhist meetings and more, Charney Manor hosts its own programme of guided retreats which reflect on current and emerging concerns among the Quaker community in Britain.

A website was already in place for the Charney Manor team but it didn’t give off the image they were looking for. A revamp was definitely needed and the experts at FDC were more than happy to help.

Their current website houses plenty of information about retreat news but doesn’t house anywhere near enough about the conference room facilities. The events rooms are something the Charney Manor team are extremely passionate about marketing over the coming months as there has always been plenty of interest about them which indicates if there was more information about them on the website it would only have a positive effect on bookings.

Gillian from Charney Manor said: “We’re all very new to the online world but we all understood the importance of having a good online proposition. In terms of design, we knew exactly what we were looking for and the site had to be extremely attractive and user friendly. It had to be easy for the clients to use who aren’t very computer savvy, but also it had to keep the more competent visitors interested.

“Although the website is still in its design stages we are already very happy with the how FDC have approached the project. After our assistant found them through the internet it only took one meeting for them to convince us that they were right for us. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished product; it’s all very exciting.”

So FDC continue to flourish in the web and digital marketing world thanks to the interesting projects like Charney Manor’s. The Leicester based team are a full service design agency that concentrate on web design, graphic design and digital marketing. It’s smiles all round for both Charney Manor and FDC, and everyone is looking forward to seeing the final website.


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