16 August 2012


How do agency to agency communications affect your business?

Even today internal business communication has often been the primary shortfall in many successful companies. The 2006 Proudfoot Productivity Report announced that;

“When asked to rank ten reasons why companies performed poorly, just under 50% of the total number of survey respondents put the blame on internal communication problems between departments, while 44% cited poor management and a further 33% said it was down to poor employee motivation or morale”

With businesses having the means to effectively outsource many aspects of their infrastructure such as IT, Telephony, and Marketing to other industries we have to wonder, does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?

A recent client of ours ran into this very same problem, consider this:

As the appointed SEO Agency you’ve worked on a series of campaigns for your client, however every now and again you find your efforts dropping drastically in Rankings. You have to wonder why is this happening; are you building links incorrectly, is your marketing plan missing vital elements like keyword research or is there something else happening that you’re not aware of?

More often than not the same answer will materialise and if you’ve done everything you can with best practice in mind eliminating the impossible, whatever remains and howevercommunication is paramount between agencies improbable, must be the truth. Your SEO is being damaged through a lack of communication.

But where is this lack of communication? It’s with the other service providers who play a part in the overall strategy. In this example it’s the Web Development Company who are developing and maintaining the website you are working on.

Over the last 6 months you have built quality backlinks to the website, but at the same time without your knowing the Web Developers have been moving pages, creating 301 redirects and renaming files. Therefore those precious links you’ve already built now land on 404’s and in effect their destinations no longer exist.

By not communicating with the Web Developers it has allowed them to unknowingly undo the months of SEO work you had completed.


Communication is paramount between agencies and subcontractors. Any good Marketing Agency or Subcontracted Firm will ask to be put in touch with other service providers or professionals working together in an integrated way, in order to promote positive outcomes. So by knowing what the other is doing you can avoid the scenario described above and place a greater focus on prevention and early intervention.

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By Sunny Chana


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