10 December 2015


How to build the Perfect Online Selling Solution

If you are looking to build an online store, you have come to the right place!

The first thing you need is a shopping cart platform such as Magento, then integrate that to a content system which will give your customers a smooth journey from landing on your website to placing an order.

Having a well designed, aesthetically pleasing content system will give you a trusted appearance and decrease the bounce rate of your website which is great for optimisation.

When it comes to your online selling solution, there are many ways you can sell online.


eCommerce website

Your website is the primary source of your sales, and it needs to look good. Having a well designed website will work wonders, the behaviour of visitors will be a lot more positive if your website looks trustworthy and professional. If your website does not look professional, users may think you are a scam.

Also, remember to make your website mobile responsive. Stats reveal that mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches.  


Google Merchant Center

Getting yourself set up on Google Merchant Center is a must when it comes to selling online. Having your products advertised on the World’s most used search engine will open up a potential audience you never even knew you had.

The great thing with Google Merchant Center is you are in complete control when it comes to your adverts. You choose the text, images and even the price you want to spend on your ads. A PLA (Product Listing Ad) is more profitable than a regular text ad because they contain product image, price and title. Buyers get the visual element with Google Merchant Center.  



Connect to eBay & Amazon

Connecting your website to eBay and Amazon opens up the opportunity to utilise 2 of the most popular shopping websites on the Internet. The chances of people visiting these sites without the intention of buying are unlikely, so it is a good idea to get yourself set up.

Similar to Google Merchant Center, you may end up finding an audience you did not know was out there. When you have intergrated eBay + Amazon into your Magento store, you can control everything from the back end of your website, there is no need to keep going back and forth to eBay/Amazon.


Well optimised

Optimising your products will benefit how they display in search engine rankings. For example if you are selling musical instruments, you know there is more to the description than just saying “6 string guitar”. You have to list the specific attributes of your products so not only does the search engine robot recognise what you are selling, but more importantly the human who could potentially purchase from you. Optimise your page titles, content and images as much as you can.  


Luckily for you, we specialise in all of the above. If you need a Magento eCommerce website build, Google Merchant Center set-up, eBay & Amazon integration and well optimised content, get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you. Call us on 01164 244 244 to speak to one of the FDC team!



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