20 January 2012


A Happy Client Makes for a Happy Team

It’s a Friday afternoon and the FDC office team are in good spirits as they wind down and look forward to the weekend. But an extra smile was on the faces of the FDC creative team today and it was thanks to Donna Maxted and the Vibrator Kingdom. Recently FDC completed an amazing website project for the company and it has been one of the most enjoyable working projects so far.

The project required the experience of the whole team - from the graphic designers amazing artwork and the marketing team who created a huge online buzz through social networking and blogging, to the development team who worked their socks off to exceed Donna’s expectations. And as we are bringing the week to a close a package arrives on behalf of Donna and the rest of the Vibrator Kingdom team.

A hamper filled with wine, biscuits, juice, and shortbread to be enjoyed by the hard working lot at FDC. It put everyone in the office in a good mood and it just goes to show that when you really put all your energy into a project your efforts do not go unnoticed.

If you want to take a look round the Vibrator Kingdom then just head to the links provided and see what it has to offer; we assure you, you won’t be disappointed. From all the FDC team… Thanks Donna



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