17 January 2011


FDC's Website Has a Facelift

FDC has a brand spanking new look.

The Midlands-based agency's freshly revamped website launched last week, unveiling its new online image while debuting a specialised email marketing division.

And this new string to the Leicestershire design agency's bow has already proven hugely successful.

FDC is currently sending over 10 million emails per year and receiving £4 to £8 return on every £1 spent, including over 50,000 emails per week for travel agency Ola Holidays.

So having already successfully produced and managed numerous campaigns for various companies, the launch of an email marketing division seemed like the logical step for an agency with such expertise.

"Email marketing does not work sending it blind and cold," FDC's Managing Director, Dale Moreton, says. "You've got to have a client base; you've got to have a mechanism. Where you've built a client base around your email marketing, then the likelihood is that you'll get back a good amount of responses from the emails you send."

FDC's groundwork is paying off. In the last year the company has sent email marketing campaigns for businesses in a range of sectors, including the automotive, agricultural, industrial, travel and leisure industries.

But that's not all you will find on the new FDC website.  There is also an abundance of fresh, timely content in the form of a blog and case studies updated regularly.

FDC's Web Developer, Kevin Rivers, is pleased with the results: "The new website is a lot more clean and modern. It's faster, it's got less images, the code's more optimised. There's a new Twitter feature on the home page which hooks up directly to Twitter, and the blog, as well, is a new feature."

Alex Chatzimikes (FDC's Creative Director who designed the new website) added: "The old one was hastily put together; it didn't serve its purpose. It was really hard to edit. It was done hastily because we really needed a website up there to help the sales people because the one that we had when we started was geared purely towards aesthetics.

"So we put together more of a marketing approach, and we took on the massive task of replacing it with a new one so that it could easily be updated, essentially because it is a sales tool and a marketing tool."

Have you explored FDC's slick new site in all its glory?

Have a look around and let us know your thoughts: www.fdcstudio.co.uk


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