10 August 2011


FDC'S Passion For Interesting Projects

FDC has taken on one of their most interesting clients yet. Purple Passion is a breeder, importer and seller of investor only morph Ball Pythons. They approached FDC because they wanted a fresh website designing and implementing.

Deniz Woods, director at Purple Passion is a huge snake enthusiast and he believes that with the right focus more of the population would be too. By September this year his company will be producing the largest amount of the world’s first Ball Pythons. Currently they are all sitting tight as it’s breeding season and over the coming months the rare snakes will hatch.

He said: “You’d be surprised just how quickly bonds form between humans and snakes even if the thought of them is daunting to most. We felt that we needed a website that gave off our true passion for these stunning creatures and we contacted FDC because they had such a quick and cost effective approach.

“Websites built by experts like FDC are integral to achieving online success and they sport the ability to identify major usability and accessibility issues early on in the design process, and we can’t wait to see the end product. I strongly believe FDC will build a website that will help the company enormously throughout our journey, and hopefully together we can capture the success with a professionally built website.”

It’s great to see such a passionate and original business. Throughout the meeting process Deniz and her company always had a special feel to them and we always like to take on the more interesting projects and this was no exception. 

She added a couple of other points about her feelings towards her serpent friends: “My favourite snake, well we have a difficulty picking our favourite. But we are enjoying the process of year-on-year creating new species of python. Our plan is to create world firsts every year by pushing ourselves to the very limit. To achieve this we work with each and every morph with passion and flare. This enables us to sustain high levels of satisfaction from customers from all around the world.”

As FDC continue to take on more and more new clients; each with their own unique requirements and ideas. This means the enjoyment of working on such a diverse set of projects is still one of the most important aspects to being part of the FDC team. We are all looking forward to seeing the finished product.


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