4 November 2011


FDC Shows Client the Effect of a Strategic SEM Campaign

As a person looking into a company most of the time it’s the same; you go on a website and they have a reworked version of the generic information about web design, graphic design and digital marketing. It doesn’t really give you a comforting sense that they know what they are doing.

So, look at it this way. Over the past year FDC have implemented a different strategy; we consistently work with clients on strategies and ideas that could change the way their company is perceived. This is the difference from having a couple of your friends following you on Twitter and liking your Facebook Fan Page, and for the first time ever it’s available to all our clients.

A great example of this is the Vibrator Kingdom. Donna Maxted is singlehandedly trying to change the perception of vibrators and by attempting to relinquish some of the taboo connotations people have had gained towards them. It’s a difficult attempt but it’s an attempt in full swing.

Little over a month ago Phil and Alex sat in the meeting room with Donna and talked her through social media and marketing as a whole. There’s one ethos that we try and push to all our clients and that’s identify with your customers it’s the only way.

The cold hard facts are these: over the past month alone through a guided and strategic proposition Donna and her company have already gained over 500 likes on Facebook that’s in no small part to the amicable personality behind the company pushed through social media.

Donna had some thoughts of her own about social media: “I have found Facebook invaluable whilst building my business. It has let me communicate directly to my customer base on a personal level, and gaining an insight into their needs and expectations.

“Feedback and comments left have shaped my business decisions and this evolving process is necessary for me to provide the best possible service I can. Without this proposition I would still be sat in the dark, but thanks to a strategic and unique proposition I am in the light and know exactly what my customers want.”

The Vibrator Kingdom is not the only client who is working with us on social media, but the other propositions are still in their infancy. There will be definitely more to come on this so watch this space.

To have a look at the Vibrator Kingdoms page click here.

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