1 June 2012


FDC Opens Up To A New Look

If you’ve received an email, letter, or been handed a business card by one of our team recently, you’ll have noticed that we’ve started rolling out our new branding, which is part of what we’re referring to in-house as the ‘Open Up’ campaign.

Rebrand Header

Adam Cowlishaw, Head of Digital Marketing, said:

“Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing the theme on all of our collateral, before finally restyling the website. FDC has really taken shape as a full-service marketing and communications agency in the last year, and with the accolades we’ve received to boot, we felt it was time to communicate our credentials more astutely through our branding.”

The new design concept uses colourful shards/triangles to express the idea that the Internet provides infinite possibilities for business owners; a concept which is further reinforced by our new tagline which prompts the reader to ‘open up your business to…”

“The new branding is light, simplistic, and adaptable; traits we believe reflect our nimble nature as a company. The enduring thing, of course, is that the FDC logo will remain unchanged. We like to think that represents the constant amongst many variables, whilst also being a visual reminder to provide a consistently high level of service across the board.”

Rebrand Business CardOn providing services to our clients, FDC will also be developing a range of resources over the course of the next few months to support businesses online.

“We work with a lot of different companies. But even though the marketplace changes from sector to sector, the underlying business and marketing challenges remain the same. We believe we’re in a great position to be able to offer the kind of insight our clients are after, which is why we’re creating a whole range of great content over the coming months, including a guide to getting online, to enable them to really open up to the web.”

We’d really appreciate your feedback on our new branding and also welcome any recommendations on how we can improve your service.

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