12 July 2011


An FDC Health Check

The FDC team provide many services, and in effect they all aim to seek out things that are wrong with your current site or proposition whilst working out a successful way to remedy them. An FDC health check could concern your brand or web design but one sector that is becoming increasingly popular is SEM (search engine marketing).

Search engine marketing is considered the best way of marketing a website online but with everyone claiming to be an expert it can be difficult to know who to work with. The issue that most people come across is that there is no quick fix, and ultimately patience is vital. It doesn’t matter whether your business is two people selling antiques, or a national company providing a well-known service; you will get no results overnight.

If you feel your company’s website is in need of a health check; what currently could be wrong with it?

  • Structural issuesBad link architecture
  • Poor sales copy/call to actions
  • Anchor text voids
  • Improvements needed in popularity
  • Improvements needed in authority

SEO and search engine marketing are both important parts to a business’s online proposition and if done correctly can give your company unrivalled awareness, but the problem is; if don’t incorrectly it’s a lot of money thrown away.

It’s a minefield of issues, and many things can create poor form in the search engine rankings, everything about your website from the way it is written to the domain name all need to be in synch to achieve SEO success.

Here’s an example:

Possibly the most important signal to be sent to search engines is the initial information of what the page is about.  This is through the URL, and steps can be taken to ensure that they are doing enough to keep the search engines happy. 

  • The use-of-hyphens as opposed to using_underscores remains best practice
  • Keywords tell search engines what pages are about

Many people claim to know about SEM and the ideas that you can incorporate into your website to achieve online success, but in reality it isn’t that easy. A website and SEO health check provided by FDC can point out where you are going wrong, so over time you can be successful online. 

By simply searching out what your website is currently doing wrong we give you some answer to turn your luck around. By simply altering URLS, creating expertly written landing pages and through month by month management of your account you will begin to see real results. 

Like many of FDC's clients you could be feeling as though your company could do with a boost in awareness and sales. If an expert online proposition like the service FDC offer their clients appeals to you feel free to give us a call on 08444 142687, and we can begin to set your your search engine marketing strategy in motion.


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