23 August 2012


Face-to-face networking – The ultimate lead fuel

Sometimes it becomes all too easy to become carried away with the technology driven world around us…whatever happened to simple, old fashioned engagement? It is simple fact that if most of your time is spent in front of a computer screen instead of building ‘real’ relationships, your personality, confidence and ability to communicate directly with people will suffer. The same theorem applies to business leads…

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Digg; for many of us almost ESSENTIAL means of communicating. With over 1,770,000,000 (1 billion, 770 million!) people using the top 5 social media platforms, it is as clear as day that internet communications have taken a massive hold of our lives. So let’s get back to the basics!

Networking Events

Leave your laptop at home and be sure to attend some reputable business events, conferences and workshops. These gems are the absolute ideal place to liaise with like-minded business individuals, investors and potential clients to forge long-lasting relationships and connections. You can research these event times and locations by running a simple search on Google; and you will find many are free! It is definitely also worth attending some paid for gatherings as this sets in stone your attendance (we know it can be easy to shrug off the free meetings for other, ‘more important’ business tasks!).

Encourage meetingnetworking for leads

All communications have to begin somewhere, and the starting point will most likely be through digital means. But this doesn’t have to be the same throughout the whole process. A fruitful connection is made between provider and client, business to consumer, when relationships are elevated to the next levels. First a tweet, then an email, followed by a phone call to propose a face-to-face discussion is undoubtedly the most productive approach that can be taken.


Social discovery website Badoo recently stated that 39% of Americans actually spend more time socialising online than they do in person, and almost 20% would choose to text or email instead of speaking directly to their peers. It seems traditional methods of communication have been lost throughout the last couple of decades. With 78% of business meeting attendees statistically more optimistic than when participating in digital interactions and 85% of executives deeming web meetings and teleconferences less effective than in-person meetings, the facts speak for themselves.

Don’t be a virtual hermit, get yourself out there!


By Sam Hurley


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