21 February 2013


Every Company Should Have A Website!

Many companies have asked the questions;
•    Do I really need a website for my business?
•    Will my company benefit from having a website?
•    How will a website affect the successfulness of my business?
In today’s society, it is now more imperative to have a website than ever before. If anyone wants to find out about a product their first search tends to be on the internet. If your services aren’t online then how are they going to find you?  By not having a website you will miss out on potential clients and customers that is a FACT.

Website Optimisation


Okay, so now you have a set up a website, but ask yourself this question; does my website have purpose and reason? There is no point in having a website if it is not going to add value to the internet world and give searchers a reason to be on it.

Buyer’s behaviour

When shopping online, buyers will search for the product, compare brands and then eventually buy it. It is said that you have 3 seconds to catch a person’s eye. If an individual is not impressed when first on your site there is a high possibility that they will go elsewhere. So you have lost at the first hurdle! Whenever a website is created, it needs to tick the following boxes;
•    Is it user friendly?
•    Is it aesthetically pleasing?
•    Does the site truly reflect the personality of the brand?
•    Are all pages relevant?
Always try and include a feedback section, as if your products/service is of a high quality, previous clients can report this back to others. People are more likely to buy from you if they feel as if your product/service is trustworthy.

Every website should have a positive influence on your potential customer’s decision and always have the main aim to sell.


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