13 December 2011


The Essay of the Year

Friday was the day for FDC’s annual Christmas Party and as always it was a great occasion. Once again we visited Leicester Tigers rugby ground where they laid on a host of entertainment, food and drink. Last year the team enjoyed a night with a Michael Bublé tribute act and this year we enjoyed a Disco Inferno themed evening. 

We wanted to take this opportunity to talk about 2011 at FDC. Friday evening was one of the few occasions that everyone gets to sit and chat and reflect on the year: what we’ve been up to, our team and where we are heading in 2011. 

It started in a freezing January, and since then we haven’t looked back. Throughout this year we have been so busy working on projects for start-up businesses and some cracking projects for large well-known brands. We haven’t had time to tell everyone about all the amazing work we actually do. This will change in the New Year, and with a new email magazine we are looking to implement to give you all the information about FDC you need there's plenty for everyone to look forward to. 

Since day one the team at FDC have had one thing in mind: let’s help you out and let’s do everything we can to make your company flourish. Every day our talented bunch of designers, marketers and web developers come into the office with that in mind. What can we do for our clients today, and yes, we do ask you to pay for this expert service, but we think it is money well spent.

We’ve worked on great projects for the likes of British Sugar, Eady Signs, the Westbourne Centre, Number 8 Deli, Ola Holidays, Davidsons, Aerotherm, and Ramsay Healthcare. Each one has been a pleasure to work with and we want everyone to know that we enjoy each project we work on. 

One of the highlights was the Cereals Event 2011. Working with and alongside British Sugar we created and produced an exciting event, from catering and flower arranging, to marquee and interior design FDC had a valuable part to play. British Sugar were thoroughly impressed at the level of commitment we had on the project and it definitely seems right to give Nick Prince a pat on the back because for the months leading to the event he worked extremely hard to make sure everything for the day was perfect. 

Nick can’t rest yet though, he has a busy 2012 ahead of him. British Sugar team were so impressed with our work that they have already booked our expertise for the Cereals Event 2012. This year especially we are going to let our fans know even more about the event with video footage of the two day event and document the whole process with interesting photography. In terms of FDC itself we’ve changed a little too. Our business has grown over the past 12 months like nothing you have ever imagined. I am sat here thinking nostalgically about this time last year. We were extremely busy but since then our agency has exploded into a thriving and interesting mix of people, projects and personalities. 

Our team is now 14 strong, and full of great and interesting characters. Since the turn of the year, Conchita, Alex, Adam, Holly, Michael, Glen and Mitchell have come on board and we’re still looking to grow further next year. Each member of our team has an individual role, and it gives our clients a much needed rest from other agencies who say are a jack of all trades and a master of none. We have a team that can offer you expertise in every area of web design, graphic design; actually by now you know what we do. We’re a full service design and digital marketing agency. We have our clients thoughts in mind at all times and we love working with you all.

Our Christmas Party went off with a bang, and it was the usual affair of tuxedos, ties, cocktail dresses, good company and good food. Over the next couple of days there will be photos of the night available for you to see. It’s good for us all to hang out outside of work because like I’ve already mentioned since the start of 2011 we’ve been so busy and the FDC brand has rocketed to new heights we sometimes forget that although we are colleagues day in day out; there are also some great friendships in the studio and it’s nice to see them continue to flourish. 

At FDC we have people from all walks of life; we have brothers, we have friends, and we have people from all different parts of the world. The FDC Studio really is a mix of cultures and style that all work together well under one roof. This message from everyone at FDC is just to say thanks for liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and working on projects with us. We appreciate it all and we look forward to giving you more in the New Year.


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