26 July 2012


Choosing a Digital Agency - Our tips

A professional digital agency can nourish businesses in the online environment. As traditional marketing methods are now a lessening force, it is imperative for companies to update their promotional strategies while also ensuring a complete website optimisation is fulfilled.

Finance driven into online marketing is increasing and it is therefore paramount that the digital agency you choose achieves the best possible return on investment for you. Agencies are far and wide but many are inexperienced (in some instances completely unknowledgeable), and will attempt to mislead potential clients with false claims.

Packages & Rates

Low cost and value are different things entirely - if a service costs more but DELIVERS QUALITY, there needn’t be any hesitation. Your ROI will inevitably be much greater than any initial input. Constantly jumping between lower standard agencies in the hope of spending less will only cost you more in the long term.

In-House Team

For an agency to efficiently manage your campaigns, your work should be completed in-house (as it is at FDC Studio). If this isn’t the case, problems can arise with communication creating overall instability across the whole project. Continuity is crucial…A reliable project manager should be assigned as your contact who oversees the process from start to finish.


The digital industry relies heavily on creative concepts and unique design; your agency should recognise this and be capable of providing a bespoke, attractive and enthralling website with the expertise and technology required at their disposal.


Once a project is complete it doesn’t mean that the agency’s role is finished. A good agency will offer software training and additional post-project support for any problems that may arise.

Before choosing a digital agency to come on board, consider the following:

  • Recommendations – word of mouth impacts more than any other form of promotion. To be recommended means to be trusted and to be trusted is immeasurable; something an agency can only prove with a successful track record
  • Invitations to tender – put forward your intentions, goals and general plan. Include budgets and request that the agency demonstrate how they can effectively work within your constraints
  • Informal meetings – build relationships to determine if your businesses will work well  together

If all your boxes are ticked and a face to face liaison leaves you feeling confident and assured, put pen to paper…

By Sam Hurley


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