30 March 2010


£0-£40k in 6 Months - We're Focused on a Cash-Rich Future!

Moving a company 100 miles north mid-Recession may not be everybody's idea of a sensible career move, but it's turned out to be a highly-lucrative strategy for Leicestershire's youngest full service agency.

FDC originally operated out of Chiswick, London, but made the move up to Leicestershire in September 2009.  Since then, the Ibstock-based firm has already increased its monthly turnover by more than sevenfold to just under £40,000, as well as tripling its staffing levels.

Born out of an idea to make full design agency quality affordable for Recession-hit SMEs across the Midlands, FDC began life with aggressive and energetic sales-and-design duo Dale Moreton, 29, and Alex Chatzimikes, 30, at the helm.

The pair had just two clients on the books at the start, but it wasn't long before word of mouth sent demand into orbit.

Even at this early stage, key Midlands firms like British Sugar have entrusted their pulling power to FDC's all-inclusive design and marketing skills, six additional members of staff have joined the team to cope with spiralling demand, with two contractors on standby for especially busy periods.

"Things have just exploded for us," says managing director Dale. "We're now working from a 1,000-sq ft office with a highly-skilled, talented team behind us.
"We took on 14 new clients in February, with order values ranging from £1,000 to £10,000," adds creative director Alex, who has just launched the company's new-look website, www.fdcstudio.co.uk

"We've all been affected by the Recession in some way," says Dale. "That's really where the idea came from for FDC. If you're a struggling company with bills to pay but no orders coming through the doors, what's the answer?"

"You need to address your marketing, but you probably can't afford the punitive price tags that accompany the work of most big design agencies," he adds. "That's where we come in."

But FDC is not just about shouldering the marketing burdens of Midlands SMEs. It has also taken on a number of cash-rich clients who have grown tired of big bills and small results.

"It may be our objective to make a profit, but our aim is to provide value for money," adds Alex.


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