How to build the Perfect Online Selling Solution

10 December 2015


If you are looking to build an online store, you have come to the right place! The first thing you need is a shopping cart platform such as Magento, then ...

Foursquare Gets $15M and Licensing Deal from Microsoft, but what does that mean?

6 February 2014


On Tuesday 4th February it was announced that Foursquare, a location based social networking site for mobile devices received $15 million in funding from Microsoft.

Add That Personal Touch To Your Business Social Media Channels

8 May 2013


You have been told time and time again that the more human you are on your business social media channels, the more successful you will be, but how do you actually achieve this?

Every Company Should Have A Website!

21 February 2013


In today’s society, it is now more imperative to have a website than ever before. If anyone wants to find out about a product there first search tend to be on the internet. If your services aren’t online then how are they going to find you? My not having a website you will miss out on potential clients and customers that is FACT!

Digital Change Management in the workplace

5 February 2013


Managing change in the workplace is a constant for all leaders that evolves with time as new technologies and methods are introduced into industry. Today, to remain relevant as a business, it’s important to regularly define and evaluate your way of operating and continuously review how effective your offerings are and what impact they have on your customers.

The importance of accurate company information on your website

19 November 2012


Failure to disclose correct company information on your business website including company name, registered office address (and address specified as registered office address), disclosure of company number and also the country of registration could end in instances of severe penalties.

Time Management for SMEs

28 August 2012


An area in which businesses can epically win or fail; time delegation and management is often overlooked by many. Tasks and work schedules are repeatedly undefined, leaving...

Face-to-face networking – The ultimate lead fuel

23 August 2012


Sometimes it becomes all too easy to become carried away with the technology driven world around us…whatever happened to simple, old fashioned engagement? It is simple fact that if most of your time is spent...

How do agency to agency communications affect your business?

16 August 2012


How do Agency communication affect your business, and how do you manage the impact of IT changes on your online marketing strategy? Read more...

Choosing a Digital Agency - Our tips

26 July 2012


A professional digital agency can nourish businesses in the online environment. As traditional marketing methods are now a lessening force, it is imperative for companies to update their promotional strategies while also ensuring a complete website optimisation is fulfilled. Read on to learn more

FDC Opens Up To A New Look

1 June 2012


As we start to roll out our new look, we lift the lid on what our rebrand means for us and our clients.

FDC are announced in the RAR Top 50 London Agencies

25 May 2012


FDC celebrates its 5th birthday today and receives some great news from a leading industry publication...

Three Checks to Make Sure You’re Cookie Law Compliant

17 April 2012


With the ePrivacy Directive coming into force on May 26th, how are you preparing to notify your visitors about the use of cookies on your site? Adam takes a look at 3 ways you can easily let people know.

FDC Achieve Top 100 Status

15 March 2012


Leicestershire-based agency FDC has achieved a listing in The Drum’s acclaimed Top 100 UK Design Companies. The leading industry publication annually reviews the performance and turnover...

FDC Continue to Exceed Client Expectations

14 March 2012


FDC were given the news last week that their project with Endless Vacation Rentals was a resounding success. Endless Vacation Rentals is a direct-to-consumer vacation rental business and part of the world’s largest vacation exchange network.

Meet the FDC Team

1 March 2012


We've grown a lot in the last few months- from new spaces, to new faces, so we thought it was time to show ourselves off and make a video about team FDC.

A Happy Client Makes for a Happy Team

20 January 2012


It’s a Friday afternoon and the FDC office team are in good spirits as they wind down and look forward to the weekend. But an extra smile was on the faces of the FDC creative team today...

Data and Analytics: Why It’s A Big Deal For Businesses

16 January 2012


A company's ability to collect quality data on consumer behaviour will help it prosper in the new age of Big Data. Adam explains why.

Outback is Cooking On Gas

6 January 2012


Outback are cooking on gas in 2012 as they seek web design revamp. Outback Barbecue is now one of the leading barbecue brands in the UK and continue to be sold across the whole nation.

The Essay of the Year

13 December 2011


Friday was the day for FDC’s annual Christmas Party and as always it was a great occasion. Once again we visited Leicester Tigers rugby ground where they laid on a host of entertainment, food and drink.

Online Business and the Euro Debt Crisis

9 December 2011


As the euro zone leaders try to come up with a solution to the economic crisis, Adam takes a look at how eCommerce businesses will be affected, and what they can do to gain the competitive advantage.

Remember Your Existing Clients

6 December 2011


So you’ve secured your client, the product is sold and it’s now in the process of delivery, but what next? I guess if you look at your contacts you have a long list of emails in your database, from suppliers, to past clients and if you’re really lucky you may have a bunch of subscribers to your email newsletter.

Family Run Delicatessen Has Online Plans

28 November 2011


Nottingham based delicatessen, No.8 Deli, sell an extensive range of fresh produce through their shop, and for long time they have felt the need to branch out into the online world.

It is a Manor of Appearance for Oxfordshire Business Owners

16 November 2011


Charney Manor is a conference and retreat centre managed by the Religious Society of Friends otherwise known as Quakers. As well as conferences and training events for religious and other groups, including: yoga, Shakespeare courses, Buddhist meetings and more, Charney Manor hosts its own programme of guided retreats which reflect on current and emerging concerns among the Quaker community in Britain.

FDC Shows Client the Effect of a Strategic SEM Campaign

4 November 2011


As a person looking into a company most of the time it’s the same; you go on a website and they have a reworked version of the generic information about web design, graphic design and digital marketing. It doesn’t really give you a comforting sense that they know what they are doing.