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Universal web accessibility is undeniably necessary when planning website design and development; a Google search for the term currently returns approximately 619 million results. A website should ideally be adaptable to be able to be viewed by all audiences.

We develop and optimise client sites using concise HTML code which search engines can easily index and searchers can access quickly and simply.

At FDC we deploy the following key accessibility adaptors:

  • Image Alt tags or descriptions are assigned to all images within a website which enables Screen Readers of visually impaired visitors to identify the code and audibly read out the given description.
  • All internal anchor text (the text describing a link), is fully optimised but also completely descriptive of where the link is directed.
  • Where possible, we minimise any Flash or JavaScript content as these are both renowned for their difficulty to be found and understood by search engines and screen readers.
  • All titles and headings of pages are correctly and informatively written, factoring in the importance of readability and understanding by screen readers, search engines and users alike.
  • The creation of site maps offer a complete edition of readable internal link lists to visually impaired users, while also making it easier for Google to index your site.

Accessibility from varied browsers and devices

With a huge 50% of all local searches now performed via mobile, it is a necessity for websites to be fully adaptable to be viewed on a wide range of devices including tablets and screen readers, also encompassing all screen resolutions and sizes. All internet browsers also need to be accounted for, such as versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Improved website speed

At FDC we implement CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to design the site's layout. CSS is widely recognised across different technologies and as it separates the styling of a page from the content, offers many advantages including increased site loading speed and simplified editing.

To find out more about FDC and our services including fully optimised and universally accessible website development, send us a brief or call us on 0116 4 244 244

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