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Online success is achieved through some main key factors; SEO, Design and Marketing to name just a few…But there’s one in particular which has rapidly become one of the most important lines of promotion and decider of brand reputation in the digital world – This factor is Social Media. This includes platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and many more.

At FDC, we can provide your business with a completely tailored social media campaign to suit your brand. For a company to fully grasp their customer’s way of thinking in a personable manner, social networking is crucial - the impact from strategic campaigns can lead to worldwide exposure of brand messages.

And what’s more, we will fully manage your social media campaigns IN-HOUSE. No outsourcing, no loss of focus, no hassle. Communicate your ideas with us and we’ll do the hard work for you…

FDC will:

  • Professionally design and search engine optimise your social media profiles and accounts, relaying a continued and consistent brand image
  • Plan and drive forward campaigns which have been derived from your company focus, your ideas, and our experience
  • Promote new and existing business through regular posts, tweets and updates, encouraging engagement and interaction, portraying a company who cares about its customers
  • Monitor and analyse success of current social media campaigns with our trusted digital tools
  • Issue descriptive reports, statistics and feedback, providing you with the knowledge you need to refine your approach

To find out how FDC can boost your company reputation through social media management, send us a brief or call us on 0116 4 244 244.

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To talk through your ideas with us contact us on 0116 4 244 244 or send us a brief

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