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Traditional press releases are excellent methods of information delivery, but for the purposes of SEO they can act as even better tools to deliver optimised information quickly and effectively to a large audience.

SEO has fundamentally relied on optimised back links and with the use of anchor text; back links have formed the backbone of modern SEO. Along with a balanced link profile websites can benefit from the additional boost targeted press releases can provide through direct traffic.

Press releases are traditionally used to announce new products, events, programs, business partnerships or new deals. As long as there is some relevant content and it’s worth reading, a press release can be a great way to link build, generate optimised content and drive traffic to your website. Primarily there are 4 main reasons why press releases are fantastic for your SEO efforts;

  • Press releases generate powerful backlinks through anchor text and direct plenty of Kudos “Link Juice” to your website.
  • Your website will immediately gain visibility to a larger audience
  • Larger news websites like Google, Yahoo and Bing are more likely to pick up your website and index your press release on their news platforms if it’s good enough.
  • Press releases trigger Google Alerts. These are pre-set emails that users set up to monitor the mentions of specific keywords across the internet, such as; business names, products or labels. In some cases website owners will configure their sites to automatically pull the information that has triggered the alert and embed it into their website.

Press releases are typically distributed across PR websites with high domain ranks and authorities. Generally written with a title of around 75-80 characters, a press release can range anywhere from 500-1000 words.

Our press releases contain a minimum of 3 back links that direct visitors back to the client’s website, where possible our copywriters aim to embed deep links. Deep links are similar to back links; however where backlinks will point to a page or domain deep links can point to an individual product or even a specific area of the page.

Our copywriters work with clients to better understand their needs and requirements. Together with a combination of clear disciplines and writing techniques, at FDC we can develop and construct website copy and press release material that informs, entertains and captivates readers.

Once our copy writers have a story or topic to “roll with” they can systematically structure and flesh a full article within a short space of time and by moulding writing styles to fit the genre and category of each topic, we can deliver highly optimised, structured and effective information sources.

Call us on 0116 4 244 244 or send us a brief and see how we can help you with your press release requirements.

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