Merchandise Design

Custom merchandise branding is a viral promotion whereby attractive, recognisable designs are used in various forms to effectively enhance any online or offline advertising campaign to its full potential. With our vast experience in providing professional solutions for bespoke projects, our portfolio covers a wide range of client requirements, including:

  • Signage
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Mugs and coasters
  • Stickers and pens
  • Umbrellas, wellington bags and much moreā€¦

Whatever the needs for your brand, we shall cater; it is clear that when it comes to merchandise design, FDC will provide you with the expertise and promotion required to get your brand noticed.

Process management

Communicate your ideas and enjoy the smooth progression of your campaign from design through to development. Put into effect a viral advertising operation to suit your target market and fulfill objectives. We will not only create, but source the most cost-effective means to convert such designs into physical products. Our awarded service and trusted industry relationships mean we are able to offer exclusive advantages:

Buying power

  • To source the most efficient manufacturing method
  • Creative design
  • To maximise campaign effectiveness
  • Precise product specification fulfilment
  • To meet your needs
  • Consistency through branding

To carry your message and impact your customers through collateral

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