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Welcome to the world of Infographics – a fun and attractive method of depicting sometimes tedious information. But as well as being engaging for audiences, Infographics also have potent link building potential, adding to your website’s SEO with the help of quality backlinks from authoritative sites which feature them.

Once promoted across the internet, Infographics will catch the eyes of other website owners who will be interested in your sector or niche. The whole idea is to create such a fantastic design consisting of interesting facts which people will want to share.

Embedded in the Infographic will be a link back to your site, so everywhere that the Infographic is shared, creates you a rank-increasing back link Traffic will be generated from the Infographic itself, plus your rankings will also increase in Google as your Infographic (with link embedded) is shared across the web.

Call us on 0116 4 244 244 or send us a brief to communicate your ideas with FDC today and we will use our extensive experience in graphic design to conjure a tailored Infographic for the successful digital marketing of your brand.

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