The success of your website can depend greatly on the quality of its content, and rightly so. You can expect a visitor to want to find the right information when they reach your website, and optimally within 1-2 clicks. However, content isn’t just for web users, it's for the search engines too. At FDC we optimise and create unique content depending on the subject, and service or product offered on your website. The content we write is designed to captivate your reader and deliver as much original, quality information as possible in one sitting without over compensating.

Our content writing is based around 2 main factors.

  • 1 – Writing style: Technical, Creative or Subjective
  • 2 – Keywords: Phrase and density

It’s important to remember that Search Engines like Google are delivering websites for requests being made because of the Content, Topics, Services or Products being marketed on those sites.

Google’s Algorithms have already assessed and ranked websites for certain search terms and these assessments or “Ranking Factors” are what Google uses to place your website within search results.

Writing content that is original and rich, containing the correct proportionate amount of keywords, and also which is user captivating, will show Google that not only is your website able to deliver the information a user is searching for but it’s also high quality and deserves to be shown in the top position for its Product or Service.

Each article created by FDC is hand written to meet the exact requirements of your website and the space we have to work with; articles can range from anywhere between 250-1000 words depending on the type of project.

Our copywriters will develop structured content that will encourage readers to follow links to your website. All our articles are written to include the optimum density of Keywords or phrases in each paragraph. This ensures your content is not only well written, but is also assessed and ranked for the correct phrases and keywords by Google.


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