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The Westbourne Centre: SEO

Midland private hospital reaps Digital Marketing reward

"Sales at the Westbourne Centre have had a 420% increase since the inception of the new website and digital marketing campaign with FDC. We are now on page one in the Google rankings for ‘Breast Augmentation’

Business Development Manager at the Westbourne Centre


Telephone: 0121 456 0880


Industry: Day Case Hospital for both NHS and Private patients

Company background: The Westbourne Centre is Birmingham's leading dental, cosmetic surgery and treatment specialists. They are proud to work with some of the most skilled and experienced consultants in the UK, carrying out clinical care of the highest standard

Need: To enhance online proposition with the use of SEO


The Westbourne Centre came to FDC as they wanted to enhance their online proposition with a website that conveyed their professionalism in the cosmetic and specialist treatment sector.


FDC’s in house designers were able to use their creative skills to design a website that captivated its audiences’ and showcased their expertise in this industry. A call to action was also implemented into the website as the original site was not capturing data, something very important to the Westbourne Centre. As a sales focused marketing communications agency FDC were able to proactively share their knowledge as well as their expertise to implement this design and develop this into a unique site specifically for the cosmetics industry.

One of the key objectives that the Westbourne centre wanted to achieve was that the website would have to portray the company image as for many of their customers this would be the window through which they viewed their products and services.

FDC were also able to implement SEO in order to increase their presence on the Internet; when people would search for particular cosmetics treatments. As a result of using SEO, The Westbourne Centre are number 1 on Google for, ‘breast enlargement Birmingham, liposuction Birmingham and varicose vein treatment Birmingham.’

Alongside the development of the website, on-going email marketing campaigns were implemented so that existing clients were aware of other services that they offered as well as providing information to potential customers.

Business development manager at the Westbourne Centre stated:

"We're extremely happy with the work FDC have done for us. We were very impressed when our new website went live. Over the months we have just seen more and more people coming to our site, and that’s what everybody wants to see; lots of people coming to their site!"

The Westbourne Centre have been very pleased with FDC and the work they provide

"I love working with FDC and would recommend them to anyone, they work tirelessly to ensure that all work is completed on time and to exacting standards. In the meantime we're looking forward to the next six months"

Business Development Manager.

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