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Ola Holidays

UK based travel company reap rewards of the Email Marketing campaign

"The results have been better than we could ever have envisioned. For every £1 we have spent with FDC, we have generated £4 return!"

Michael Mortenson, Marketing Manager at Ola Holidays



Industry: Travel and Tourism

Company background: UK based travel company

Need: To increase traffic to the site through an Email Marketing campaign


Michael Mortenson, Marketing Manager at Ola Holidays has expressed his delight from working with FDC in implementing a more strategic email marketing campaign over the past 2 years. FDC have been able to aid Ola Holidays with the growth of their business by meeting their needs and wants. Their initial aim was to launch a successful email marketing campaign that would target their existing client database. By implementing this into their strategy they were able to inform their customers of the latest deals, which in turn increased their online presence.


FDC realised the vision of what Ola Holidays wanted to achieve and in doing so FDC were able to successfully launch the email campaign with great rewards.

Ola Holidays wanted a campaign that would reflect the ethos of Ola Holidays and the design and presentation was important to them. The email marketing campaign was used to underpin and accompany their website so that traffic would be driven back to the website.

As a sales focused marketing communications agency, FDC was able to encourage repeat purchase through the implementation of an email campaign, promoting the website and continuous marketing.

FDC’s in house team of designers, strategists and delivery experts all worked together under one roof to ensure that Ola’s initial requirements were met. FDC have continued to develop the campaign as Ola Holidays have reaped the rewards and so have their customers.

Ola holidays have renewed their contract with FDC. Ola Holidays have increased their email delivery in excess of 20 million emails per year whereby they have asked the sales focused marketing communications agency to concentrate on implementing a regional campaign based upon locations to the nearest airport.

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