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Blog Integration and Unique Content from FDC

A blog is an easily updatable section of a website which informs on news and events within the company, or focuses of a non-profit organisation. Comments can be allowed from the public, giving a business the opportunity to communicate with target audiences and engage with customers.

As Google is constantly changing its complex algorithms, it is becoming apparent that its focus is now on fresh, unique content. And what better way to enrich your website with the mentioned, than to create and maintain an informative and interesting blog, filled to the brim with distinctive material which can’t be found anywhere else on the internet?

Appoint FDC to write and manage your blog for you, with benefits including:

  • Higher search engine rankings as Google will praise your site for its fresh content which is unique and relevant
  • A ‘human’ feel to your business – The public will regard you as real people instead of simply a money-making mechanism
  • Encouragement of interaction from your audience and customers, meaning you gain insight into what they are thinking and how they feel about directions in which the company is heading
  • A useful platform to answer frequent customer queries and to communicate with the public, providing help for the consumer as well as search engine optimisation for your business with the aid of unique content.
  • Expert advice on blog service providers such as WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, and which will work best for your business model.

All we require is for you to send us the appropriate information and ideas which you wish to be featured - We shall then rewrite and structure the content for quality high search engine rankings.

Call us on 0116 4 244 244 or send us a brief today for guidance on what steps you can take to complete your website with a fully optimised blog.

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