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Enhance your online presence with FDC’s Blog Bookmarking techniques – Part of our full Social Media Management service.

Social networking had rapidly become one of the core methods of promotion for businesses online, so it’s therefore a key tact to make sure your company first of all has a blog to start with, updates it regularly, and enforces its presence throughout the social community by highlighting it to as many authoritative bookmarking websites as possible.

But that’s if you choose to take it all upon yourself. With your social campaigns in the safe hands of FDC, we will ensure that every new entry to your blog is shared through all popular social medium including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, maximising your outreach and potentially increasing your ranks in search engines.

We will also post to the respected news headline sites LinkedIn, Reddit and Digg; hitting the top headline spots in these platforms will provide reach to an audience in excess of 200 million combined.

Our experience driving successful social strategies for our own website as well as our client’s sites will ensure:

  • Exposure of your business blog within the online social community is capitalised - Your business name is constantly at the forefront of the internet
  • Your brand is known to be recent and on-the-move, while your blog is frequently updated with fresh content
  • People are kept in the loop with your company internally, giving them an insight and sustaining interest in your brand

Why not call us on 0116 4 244 244 or send us a brief today and find out more about what FDC could do for your social media campaign with the assistance of blog bookmarking.

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